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Automate your Testing

Futuretrend provides unique tailor made services that will enhance any testing structure whether it is an automation or manual framework. Futuretrend services aims to provide companies with the opportunity to reduce costs on testing, reduce time to market and also to develop their own in-house automation solution framework.
Futuretrend believes that automation does not have to be complicated, that an automation product should not require constant upgrades or that annual license fees should not be exorbitant.

We provide a basic level of consultancy for an existing or planned automation project. We will assess cost, time scale and infrastructure; this will give us a basic understanding of what should be realistically expected from an automated solution. We can then offer a detailed report of these finding together with some possible solutions, these can range from an internally developed framework to using any of the market related automation suites.

Manual / Automation Engineers

With a number of highly trained and highly skilled engineers we have the ability to manage full testing cycles. We can provide an end to end solution for all your testing needs

With almost 15 years experience in developing automation tests for various applications our developers have used almost all of the existing market tools used for automation testing.
One of Futuretrend services is a combination of consultancy and test script analysis whereby we take a look at both the base automated scripts and the product and analyze the impact to the automation testing cycle when the product becomes localized.

Automation Training

Futuretrend provides a unique onsite training experience for customers who are thinking of developing automation or for customers who simply need to be brought up to speed with the latest automation technologies. This training can be provided at many different levels:

* Management: – deliver an effective overview of automation, the pros and the cons
* Engineers: – develop a training program to effectively communicate the concept of software test automation and also to provide training for whatever solution has been selected.
* Developers: – deliver training to developers to make them more automation testing aware, do developers know that by hiding a controls attributes may halt automation development by as much as 2 weeks? The more automation friendly an application the easier it is to automate, the shorter the testing cycle becomes and the time to market is reduced gaining financial savings across the board.


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