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For a variety of reasons, websites may not have achieved their original expectations. Our expert website audit will provide a thorough analysis of your website's strengths and weaknesses and offer specific recommendations on how to increase its effectiveness.

Futuretrend's website audit is reviewed against the following criteria:

  • Web usability evaluation - can users find what they're looking for quickly and efficiently
  • Web accessibility evaluation - can all Internet users access the website, regardless of what technology they're using (legally required under the Disability Discrimination Act)
  • Web credibility evaluation - is the website trustworthy and does it help to build up a long-term relationship with site users
  • Search engine optimisation evaluation - can Internet users easily find your website

Whether your website is made in-house or outsourced, this is a great chance for you to get a professional third-party evaluation of your website.

The recommendations will typically include a number of key areas:

First Impression & Home Page

  • Does it communicate clearly the company offering
  • Is it visually appealing?
  • Are there hyperlinks to key areas?

Page Content

  • Is it clear and informative?
  • Screen Legibility
    - font size?
    - headings?
    - paragraphs?
    - bulleted lists?
    - search engine friendly

Use of Imagery

  • Quality of images
  • Appropriateness of images
  • Well integrated with text?
  • Optimisation

Navigation & Usability

  • Clearly designed consistent menus?
  • Logical page structure
  • Crumb trail navigation?
  • Clear contact details & email form
  • Search facility
  • Compliance with accessibility guidelines

Look & Feel

  • Is it consistent with corporate identity/other
  • marketing materials?
  • Does style convey company approach?

Technical Compatibility

  • Screen Size/resolutions
  • Browser Friendliness
  • Speed of download?
  • Overall Coding Accuracy
  • Broken or missing links? (internal, external)
  • Missing images
  • Missing Titles
  • Script errors
  • Missing attachments/downloads

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