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Co-sourcing – Sometimes outsourcing just doesn't work! We prefer Co-sourcing where it's a managed testing service partnership in which Futuretrend and its clients work together for an agreed period of time to:

* Clear objectives
* Measured progress
* Risk & mitigation
* Activity & Spend...in the right place and time.

In the event where customers lacks a specific skill-set within a project and do not require a full outsource of the service, Futuretrend can assist in filling the gap. An example might be where automation of test cases is the appropriate option. Test cases might still be handled by the customers’ test resources. Futuretrend’s test automation specialists will design and develop the test scripts and run the programme as part of the overall testing phase.

Other forms of co-sourcing would include:

* Rendering of test management service, managing the customers test team
* Test facility management, managing the test laboratory and customers test team
* Performance testing, handled within the Futuretrend test laboratory, as part of a test project.

Co-sourcing might follow phases similar to those defined within the full outsource option depending on the extent of co-sourcing. Where a portion of the testing contingent is transitioned to Futuretrend as a partial outsource, a co-sourcing agreement will be negotiated. Clear boundaries of ownership and responsibility shall be defined.

Full scope of what we can provide:

* Recruiting Test analysts,Business analysts
* Training testers, Business analysts
* Developing in-house training programs
* Test automation strategies
* Heuristic testing
* Exploratory testing
* Risk-based testing
* Tester/Developer relations
* Early testing
* Test reporting
* Test process assessment
* Test planning
* Test plan review
* Test methodology development
* Change control

If required we can provide a full agency and contractor service although we are happy to deal through your own preferred suppliers as necessary. We also offer a unique fixed-price contractor service.


From small businesses to the largest London agencies, we have worked with dozens of teams on hundreds of projects. Time is at a premium and deadlines are always tight, so we offer an out-of-hours service to ensure you meet your timescales.

It's not easy to balance staffing levels with the peaks and troughs that occur throughout a project, so we can provide additional resources on demand only when you need them.

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