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Co-sourcing – Sometimes outsourcing just doesn't work! We prefer Co-sourcing where it's a managed resourcing partnership in which Futuretrend Tech and its clients work together for an agreed period of time to:

* Clear objectives
* Measured progress
* Risk & mitigation
* Activity & Spend...in the right place and time.

In the event where customers lacks a specific skill-set within a project and do not require a full outsource of the service, Futuretrend Tech can assist in filling the gap.


Our Recruitment team have years of experience handling different positions across the industry sectors in the UK and Europe.
We source candidates from direct approaches, our own network, referral schemes and our up to date database.
We assess the needs and the immediate objectives of the business and provide a line-up of effective and productive candidates
We offer the services at rates that can be difficult for other recruiters to match. as such we benefit from doing long-term business with our clients.
We have an excellent track record of having provided contract manpower to a large number of industries. All of them have benefitted. They continue to use our services as and when required.

If required we can provide a full agency and contractor service although we are happy to deal through your own preferred suppliers as necessary. We also offer a unique fixed-price contractor service.


From small businesses to the largest Global corporations, we have worked with dozens of teams on hundreds of projects. Time is at a premium and deadlines are always tight, so we offer an out-of-hours service to ensure you meet your timescales.

It's not easy to balance staffing levels with the peaks and troughs that occur throughout a project, so we can provide additional resources on demand only when you need them.

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